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Verizon Business is adding the Atos computer vision to its multi-access edge computing fabric, aiming to support industrial internet of things applications that include the ability to do predictive analysis of industrial process disruptions. 

By 2025, by some estimates, computer vision will be the second-biggest use of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industries. 

source: Fractovia 

The Atos computer vision platform will analyze 180 billion data points every hour. Using this system, the engineers and operators will be able to pinpoint exactly when and where operation downtime is predicted, up to 30 days in advance, the partners say. 

The Atos platform brings AI-powered video analytics to mission critical environments,  Verizon says. Verizon hopes the Atos BullSequana Edge servers, deployed in Verizon MEC facilities, will  strengthen its 5G edge offers and unlock new use cases. 

The solution is available to customers across a variety of industries including transport, industrials, logistics and manufacturing, Verizon says.  

The Atos Computer Vision Platform enables organizations to process and analyze massive amounts of complex video and image data in real-time to automatically monitor, manage and improve working practices, security and surveillance.

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