IoT is Top Priority for Many Industry Execs

Internet of things is the number one priority for 92 percent of organization executives surveyed by Vanson Bourne, Inmarsat says. To be sure, the survey concentrated on industrial sectors where sensor use already is commonplace. The study, conducted for the Inmarsat Research Program, found that internet of things will be accompanied by changes in related […]

China Will be Biggest 5G Market

Chinese operators are on track to launch commercial 5G networks by 2020 and are expected to establish China as the world’s largest 5G market by 2025, according to a new study by GSMA Intelligence and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). Mobile operators in China plan to run a phased testing period […]

T-Mobile Aggregating Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum

T-Mobile US has tested License Assisted Access (LAA) on its commercial network, allowing T-Mobile to essentially aggregate mobile spectrum with unlicensed  5-GHz spectrum to boost download speeds to 741 Mbps, using 80 MHz of aggregated spectrum. T-Mobile US also has made commercial use of a similar Long Term Evolution in Unlicensed Spectrum (LTE-U) platform to […]

T-Mobile Wants CBRS Rules Fitting 5G

T-Mobile US has asked the Federal Communications Commission to change the licensing rules for Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), the 150-MHz band in the 3.5-GHz region to use a novel spectrum sharing method for access. T-Mobile US argues that making CBRS secondary licenses more compatible with 5G will increase its value. Specifically, T-Mobile US wants […]

CBRS Draws Wide Interest

Growing use of unlicensed (unlicensed spectrum aggregated with licensed spectrum) and shared spectrum (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) to support mobile communications will create new opportunities for competitors or partners in the mobile access business. Given power restrictions in unlicensed and shared spectrum, these technologies are most suitable for small cell indoor or venue deployments, one […]

5G: Peril and Opportunity

There is a very good reason why several speakers will talk about dangers to the financial health of the mobile and telecom business at the Spectrum Futures conference, even as others point out the many potential opportunities 5G and internet of things represent. The 5G era will represent both challenge and peril, and not all for […]

Gross 5G Access Revenue Not the Whole Story

By 2025, global 5G services could be generating $250 billion in revenue, some project. What that means is not as clear as you might think. Some look at such numbers without subtracting losses in other existing product categories. That always is an issue with new generations of mobile networks. In 2016, global mobile revenue was […]

What if 5G Produces Zero Net Revenue?

The conventional wisdom is that 5G is going to create new revenue sources for mobile operators. That undoubtedly will prove true, to an extent; and perhaps to a significant extent. What remains unclear is whether 5G actually will produce a net increase in mobile broadband revenues, even if 5G produces a gross increase in such […]

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