Next Era of Internet: More “Push”

The internet has moved, over time, from push to pull, and then back to push. In the next evolution, push might be even more important. AOL, the big U.S. ISP in the early days, largely relied on a push model, aggregating content it believed most people would be interested in. Then, with the World Wide […]

Mobile Backhaul Drives O3b Growth

Mobile backhaul has, for some years, been viewed as a growth area for satellite networks. And mobile backhaul is responsible for a goodly portion of O3b Networks growth in 2016. O3b Networks says it ended the year contracting upwards of 7.5 Gbps throughout the Asia-Pacific  region, generating an increase of approximately 30 percent year-over-year growth […]

Global Mobile Growth is Slowing

Global mobile industry growth is slowing, even if it is accelerating in some regions, and even if new subscribers and mobile data will underpin that growth for a while. TeleGeography predicts 2.4 percent compound annual growth in mobile customers globally between 2015 and 2021. The largest increases will be seen in Africa, where user numbers […]

Major Net Neutrality Rule Changes Coming?

Outgoing Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler says we are at a fork in the road where it comes to network neutrality and gatekeeper policy. Up to this point network neutrality has been about policy that regards only internet access providers as gatekeepers. Wheeler continued to use that formulation in his public letter to the […]

Will 5G Be as Fundamental as Electricity?

Is 5G as fundamental a technology as the printing press, electricity, the internet, the telegraph? IHS Markit believes 5G is among a handful of huge innovations that have broad economic impact. That’s a big claim. IHS Markit predicts that, In 2035, when 5G’s full economic benefit should be realized across the globe, a broad range […]

India Mobile Price War Will Hasten Some Key Changes

A major price war in the India mobile market is resetting mobile operator revenue expectations, reducing profits and driving a major consolidation wave should result in an industry quite a bit different than exists today. There will be fewer players, voice clearly will have been dethroned as the revenue growth driver, and India’s mobile companies […]

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